Book - How To Stripe Parking Lots

Book - How To Stripe Parking Lots
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If you stripe or want to stripe, you owe it to yourself to check out this book - How I Stripe a Parking Lot..24 Years..By Dan Zurcher. Buy it here today!

A word from the Author... 

My name is Dan Zurcher (book author). I've been striping parking lots for 15 years and I've accomplished most of it alone. Parking lots with 50 centers with 1000 cars, schools with playgrounds, small airports, 60,000' indoors. So now?...I wrote this book. I'll save you time. I'll save you trial and error. And I'll tell you everything. From...what to wear... to...what small tools to carry...and why. (And their costs.) I'll explain the only (3) jobs in striping... the Re-stripe to Existing Layout and Pattern... the Re-stripe to Existing Layout and Pattern Over Seal Coat... and the New Layout. By the time we get to the New Layout...I'll mention (1) difference...and you'll say to yourself..."I know what he's going to do". Then...I'll tell you in what order...exactly what to do...for each job...and exactly that you save steps. I'll explain and teach you how to layout a "head-in" parking lot...angled parking...parallel parking...and stalls on a curve. I share how to stencil quickly so that everything is lined up and pretty...including "drive lane" directional arrows...even if they're 243' apart. Let's not forget small intersections. I'll even tell you how to "block them down". You'll also need to know how to stripe playground games...I'll tell you that too. (And their pricing.) I'm not finished...if you're interested in one of the "best start up businesses" or if you're interested in expanding your existing'll need to know "start up" costs...$4000.00 or less...most of that is machine cost = $2000.00 to $3500.00. And...since I own both types of "parking lot line striping machines"... the $3500.00 types...not the $75.00 only need to buy one...I compare them. The conventional line striping machine vs. the airless line striping machine. I use both...for 15 years and 12 years respectively. You might be surprised at what I say in this section. But it'll help you pick a machine. I also compare their glass bead dispensers...and how to spray curbs and curves with each machine...because I've done it...countless times with both machines. Beyond start up'll need to know pricing and profit. I give a break down in the book; Time Involved...Pricing...Paint Costs...and Profit. I give prices per foot...for lines and curb. I also include pricing for stencils and why they're sometimes expensive. I'll also figure profits. An average $400.00 to $600.00 job would take me 3-4 hours and paint would cost $90.00. I made 30K in my 3rd Summer. I made 60K in my 4th Summer. I took that Winter off. I'm still not finished. I give advice on trucks...trailers...paint types...where to get your first job...where to store your equipment...and why. There's also a final exam. If you're looking for a great start up business...easy to run...easy to competition...repeat business...almost economy proof...then this book is a must...why? ...because I want you to know everything. I want to save you time. I want to save you trial and error. I want you to do well and I want you to get home. I wish I had this book when I started.

102 pages. Paperback. How I Stripe a Parking Lot...24 Years...By Myself. Third Edition.

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