MA-10 Melter / Applicator
Price: $1,060.00
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MA-10 Melter / Applicator--The Original!

Made in the USA

What to look for when comparing Melters:

1. Is it Blue? The Original Melters are blue, all others are replicas. Our Melters are blue every time, some companies state that color may be different than item shown.

2. Do they accept returns? We accept returns for 14 days, one of our competitors doesn't accept returns.

3. Does the picture show that a 20# propane tank is included? We don't picture a propane tank, because it's not included. Our competitors don't include one either!

4. Is shipping included in the price? Ours is, some are not.

5. What is the estimated delivery date? Ours gets to you faster!

6. Where are they made? Our Melters are made in the USA in a quality controlled facility, not some guys garage.

7. What's the real price? We list our Melters for the price we need to get to offer quality melters; no more, no less. One of our competitors ask you to make a fair offer, why don't they just offer it at a fair price? If there's that much wiggle room, the product must not be worth much.
8. Is assembly required? Ours is fully assembled, but some of our competitors have melters that you have to put together yourself.

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The MA10 Melter/Applicator is a fast and efficient method for the application of hot applied crack sealants. It can also apply materials from stationary kettles or any large melter. It can be used without heat for cold pour materials. It is capable of melting and applying 600+ pounds of sealant per day.

Our MA10 is the result of over 25 years of experience in the manufacture and design of melter applicators.

Both inner and outer tanks are built of heavy 14 ga. steel.

Temperature gauge with guards

Built in hand agitator

¼" thick steel wheels

Propane bottle platform (bottle not included)

Spring loaded hand controlled release valve

3" steel screed, and a stop plate to prevent stringers at the end of a run.

50,000 BTU burner

6' hose regulator


Specifications: Length 47", width 27", Height 36", Capacity 10 gal., Wt. 130 lbs.

**Additional Fees May Apply When Shipping to a Residential Address Where a Lift Gate is Necessary for Delivery.



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