Find a Sealcoater

We are supplying this list of sealcoat contractors to help homeowners and business owners make an informed decision when choosing a company to sealcoat their driveway or parking lot. All of the contractors listed here have been chosen because of the high quality of work they have demonstrated over the years, and because they use the best sealer available - GemSeal™.

GemSeal™ is manufactured in a controlled, continuous process, colloidal milling system, which ensures uniform particle dispersion, for rich, deep black color and excellent performance to extend life and enhance appearance of asphalt pavement surfaces.

We have made every effort to pre-qualify our contractors, but we cannot assume responsibility for their work. Please use this list as an informational tool, and talk with the contractor of your choosing to determine if they will meet your needs. We have used the following criteria to select contractors on our referral list:

  • Contractors must use quality GemSeal products.
  • Contractors must follow manufacturers mix design specifications.
  • Contractors must have no unresolved complaints.


We invite anyone who has used our list to e-mail us if you have a complaint or if you would like to leave a good review regarding the work one of our Contractors did to your driveway or parking lot job. We will be posting testimonials in the near future.

Find a Sealcoater